Building an Oregon school with RedBuilt roof and floor trusses

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The Gilkey International Middle School project featured a wave-shaped roof that proved to be an interesting challenge for engineers and framers, as well as a concrete-topped floor that required analysis of floor performance over time. Read about how we helped make this a reality.

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How RedBuilt roof trusses helped support Utah businesses

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Read about how RedBuilt roof trusses and structural reveals were used in 106 Exchange, a 60,442 square foot professional office space that now stands in South Jordan, Utah.

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The Red Badger Award

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Persistence in problem solving. Never giving up. Doing whatever it takes to service the needs of the customer. These are “Badger-like” behaviors that exemplify RedBuilt™ associates who win the annual Red Badger award.

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“The 951” in Downtown Boise

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All wood. Mid-rise. Mixed use.

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White Paper: Strut Bracing

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Next time you see bundles of what looks like truss webs delivered with your RedBuilt™ open-web trusses, make sure your contractor understands the purpose and installs them—strut bracing is there for their safety.

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Scissor Trusses Offer Aesthetic Appeal

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An old gas station site is revitalized into a new one-story retail space on a busy corner in Watertown, Massachusetts. The combination of RedBuilt’s Red-S™ trusses and superior customer service proved to be a winning combination for Architect Douglas Annino.

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High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Bonner General Health needed to expand; thus a medical office building was built next door to the existing hospital. Construction of the new facility, however, had its own unplanned emergencies.

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What’s the difference?  Pin vs. Plated Trusses

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Never fear, RedBuilt is here to help you better understand the differences in pin vs. metal-plated trusses.

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Walking the Talk: Safety and Quality

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How does RedBuilt really “walk the talk” when it comes to safety of its associates and the quality of our products?

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Look up RedBuilt at AIA Expo

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RedBuilt is on the road to Atlanta for one of the largest and most exciting gatherings of architects and design professionals in the U.S., the AIA Convention 2015, May 14-16.

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