Understanding floor performance

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There is a science to understanding floor performance. A little thing like vibration can cause major problems in structures and how occupants feel about a home, office building, church, school, doctor’s office, or restaurant.

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From lumber mill to flowerpot – the journey of lumber wrap

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At our Hillsboro, OR plant we bag up every bit of that wrap for recycling—adding up to about 5 tons per year!

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An Inside Look: Horseshoe Casino Construction

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Ever wanted to take a behind-the-scenes tour of a construction site for a concrete structure?

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Jobsite Review – One of the many things that make RedBuilt different

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It’s a good day when our RedBuilt Technical Representatives—or Tech Reps, for short—work with a customer to find them a solution and then place an order for products to be manufactured. The story could end there, but for RedBuilt Tech Reps, there is more to do.

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