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And the RedBuilt™ Photo Logo Contest Winner is…….

Posted on November 15, 2012 by RedBuilt

A few months ago, Ted Osterberger (Senior Vice President of Operations at RedBuilt) sent Kurt Liebich (C.E.O. at RedBuilt) a picture of himself rafting on a river but all you could see in the crashing waves was a baseball hat with a RedBuilt™ Logo. From that, Kurt decided he wanted something fun for RedBuilt associates to do so we created the RedBuilt Photo Logo Contest. The first place winner was decided by a panel of five associates from different segments of RedBuilt. That same panel also agreed on five pictures to go on Facebook for people to vote for the second place winner themselves! The first place winner was Dwaine Charbonneau with this picture: RedBuilt Open-Web Truss The second place winner as decided on Facebook is Jeff Jack with this picture: RedBuilt Drawing Thanks to all that participated!

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