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Featured Project: Jamie Wolf Professional Building

Posted on December 01, 2009 by RedBuilt

About the Project: Shell/Ackerman installed 13,700 sq. ft. of floor with a four-man crew in 7 hours using Red-L™ Open Web Trusses. Shell/Ackerman have been the go-to framing subcontractor for Silvey Construction for nearly 30 years. Silvey’s core business consists of Medical and Dental buildings requiring quality floor systems with no floor bounce. Silvey Construction has been a long-time valued customer of RedBuilt™, and they insist on RedBuilt™ products. From Dave Schell of Schell/Ackerman: “We’ve been very busy, which is interesting in this environment. We always promote Open Web products because of the speed of installation and ability to keep project costs down. For a project of this size, using conventional framing methods would have taken three times as long.” “Our RedBuilt™ rep is top-shelf,” Schell went on to say. “He works with us from engineering all the way through completion. After we rolled our first RedBuilt™ job, there was no other way to go in terms of span and speed.” Jamie Wolf Professional BuildingJamie Wolf Professional Building Spokane, WA Framer: Schell/Ackerman Spokane, WA GC: Silvey Construction Spokane, WA Architect: Bernardo-Wills Architects Spokane, WA Engineer: Jordan Structural Engineering Mead, WA

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