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From lumber mill to flowerpot – the journey of lumber wrap

Posted on April 22, 2015 by RedBuilt

Because our trusses use a lot of MSR lumber, RedLam™ LVL or LSL, a lot of plastic lumber wrap is peeled off bundles as we get to work turning that material into RedBuilt trusses. At our Hillsboro, OR plant we bag up every bit of that wrap for recycling—adding up to about 5 tons per year! Once we have a big enough batch, our maintenance crew bales it for transport. These photos show Ryan and Murph operating the compactor to turn it into bales.


The bales are shipped to our Stayton, OR plant where they get added to bales of wrap gathered by that facility, and returned to the wrap manufacturer, where they meet up with even more bales of used wrap coming from companies all across the West. Eventually, those bales travel in large cargo containers to China where they are turned into flowerpots and other plastic consumer goods.

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