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Growing Pains for the Lumber Industry

Posted on March 19, 2013 by RedBuilt

As the U.S. housing market starts to grow, the lumber industry is feeling certain growing pains.  Finding talented labor from Lumberjacks to finish carpenters, and everything in between, is a struggle.  When the housing market crashed in 2008, many lumber plants closed their doors.  This affected a wide range of people like Ms. Stutzman who told the Wall Street Journal, “If the mills aren’t cutting logs, our trucks don’t run.”  Many people who lost their job didn’t sit around waiting for the lumber industry to recover…they simply couldn’t afford to.  So, workers went to places like North Dakota where there was work.  The problem facing the industry today is trying to replace all of the human talent that left the lumber industry.  New employees have a higher risk of being injured on the job and are less efficient than seasoned workers creating trying times for the entire industry. The exciting part will come when the industry “re-growth” matures and the “re-growing” pains subside.  Jim Carlton explained in the Wall Street Journal that saw mills and lumber companies across America will be opening soon creating hundreds of jobs.  New plants will be able to start and companies that made it through the storm, like RedBuilt, will be standing tall.

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