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Jobsite Review – One of the many things that make RedBuilt different

Posted on April 03, 2015 by RedBuilt

It’s a good day when our RedBuilt Technical Representatives—or Tech Reps, for short—work with a customer to find them a solution and then place an order for products to be manufactured. The story could end there, but for RedBuilt Tech Reps, there is more to do.

Technical Representative John Diehl is in the field and on a jobsite providing a RedBuilt product installation review.

Once products are manufactured, delivered to the site, and installed, a formal Jobsite Review is conducted by a Tech Rep to assure proper product installation, whether it be open-web trusses, Red-I™ joists or RedLam™ LVL. What started several years ago in the National Accounts team with paper and pen is now a company-wide automated process.

A jobsite review provides customers with the added
value of:

  • Identifying issues before closing in the building
  • Confirming that RedBuilt™ products were installed correctly—and if not, alerting our engineering department or the Engineer of Record that design solutions are needed to rectify the problem
  • Providing technical review with a person actually walking through the structure

Tech Reps check to ensure that framers have installed the product per both RedBuilt shop drawings and structural drawings. Timing of the review is critical as it evaluates that holes are within limits, lengths are spot on, and adequate bearings are being used along with proper hangers. Photos are taken if problems are found so design solutions can be created to remedy the situation. The process is also smart phone- or tablet-enabled making it dynamic and versatile.

Our review also garners feedback from framers to learn of any improvements that RedBuilt can make. In 2014, the average rating received from framers was 4.7 out of 5—a testament to our excellent service in the field.

RedBuilt’s goal is to have 90% of its projects receive a Jobsite Review. The National Accounts team routinely sends the review forms on to the restaurant brand and retail partners as part of our due diligence. Furthermore, the Jobsite Review documentation becomes part of the product warranty that lasts for the life of the structure.

Jobsite Reviews are one part of the RedBuilt service offering. They provide our customers with the added value of product application assurance after installation—just one of the things that makes RedBuilt different.

Watch for a sequel to this story that will discuss the internal process improvements that RedBuilt learns from Jobsite Review data to improve our customer experience.

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