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“Late Breaking News!  RedBuilt EWP Channel Exclusive Story! A startup that’s 50 years old”

Posted on August 29, 2012 by RedBuilt

by Paul Drace, Director of Marketing at RedBuilt At RedBuilt™, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader not only in quality and breadth of product offering, but also in information. To expand and improve our methods of sharing information with all of you, we are adding videos to our arsenal.  Videos are intended to be a complement to the many ways we share information today including our website, blog, social media, and most importantly our Technical Sales Representatives. So, click here to see our humble beginnings on our YouTube channel. I highly recommend the RedBuilt™ - A 50-Year Old Startup video as an introduction to who we are and from where it is we came.  You can also read about our company’s history on this blog by clicking here. In addition to the introductory video, we have a couple of videos that give overviews of our RedBuilt line of products including Open-Web Trusses, Red-I™ I-joists and RedLam™ LVL, as well as a video about our RedSpec™ single-member sizing software. This is just the beginning.  Next on the agenda is a series of videos about our Open-Web Trusses.  So, keep an eye out for future videos about RedBuilt, our products, and their applications. And most importantly…please let us know what you think and let us know of any specific video ideas you would find beneficial by commenting here.  We’d love to hear from you, and value your ideas!

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