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LEED 2012/ LEED v4 Status Update

Posted on June 26, 2012 by RedBuilt

By Jeff Jack, Manufacturing Technical Director at RedBuilt The USGBC just announced the decision to postpone the planned ballot for upcoming version of LEED for New Construction called LEED 2012.  Included with this decision are the following: -    The proposed LEED 2012 is being renamed LEED v4 and will be balloted in 2013. -    LEED 2009 will continue to be the methodology used for LEED projects for the next 3  years. -    A fifth public comment period for the proposed new methodology will be open Oct-Dec 2012. As such, FSC certified wood products will remain the only recognized method for meeting the certified wood criteria listed in LEED’s MRc7.  The USGBC announcement is available on their website and FSC’s response is available on their website. Many certification agencies are available to certify environmentally responsible forestry practices.  Green programs, such as LEED, stop at the forestry practices component of wood construction, and don’t necessarily recognize the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) benefits that wood products provide, especially when compared to concrete and steel.  Despite this, RedBuilt™ is uniquely positioned to help you earn LEED credits including MRc 7 credit with the following FSC certified engineered wood products:  Red-I™ Joists, Red OpenWeb trusses, and RedLam™ LVL.   For information about RedBuilt’s FSC product offering, either consult with your RedBuilt Technical Representative or see our Green Building page on our website. The American Wood Council (AWC) is a great resource for facts on green building.  Their website states it best when they say ‘Wood is the perfect green building material because it is renewable, stores carbon that reduces greenhouse gases, and is energy efficient… Not only does wood store carbon keeping it out of the atmosphere, but using wood avoids greenhouse gases that would have been emitted during the manufacture or recycling of fuel –intensive materials.’

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