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Red-I90™ and RedForm-I90™:  What is the difference?

Posted on June 20, 2012 by RedBuilt

By Jeff Jack, Manufacturing Technical Director at RedBuilt RedBuilt™ offers 3 lines of I-Joists specifically manufactured, designed and intended for use in concrete forming applications.  They are called the RedForm-I65™, RedForm-I90 and RedForm-I90H™.  Note that despite the similarity in both name and size to other I-Joist products by RedBuilt (i.e. compare RedForm-I65 to the Red-I65™ commercial I-joist), they are different products with different applications.  Here is a summary of the differences: Camber:  Oftentimes, the RedForm-I™ I-joists are produced with camber to increase span-load capability while still meeting deflection requirements for application. Web Grade:  The properties required for the web grade used in RedForm-I I-joists differs from other Red-I™ I-joists to account for end use environmental conditions. Knockout Holes:  RedForm-I I-joists are not manufactured with the knockout holes typically provided with other Red-I I-joists. Design Values:  Values associated with the design of RedForm-I I-joists take into account application adjustments such as wet use and load duration. Product Marking:  RedForm-I I-joist markings do not contain code report information; they are marked with information about series, manufacturer, production dates, third-party, and “CONCRETE FORMWORK – NOT FOR PERMANENT STRUCTURAL USE”.  This stamp is intended to prevent reuse of the RedForm-I I-joists in a permanent application in a wood-frame structure after use in formwork applications. * Not all joists that look alike are alike.  If you make a similar comparison between RedForm-I I-joists and look-alike residential series I-joists, the list of differences also grows to include:  thickness of flange, grade of flange, thickness of web, durability of web material, and durability of connection between flange and web.  Ultimately, residential series I-joists are not intended for use in forming applications. In an application like elevated slab forming where the loads are high and life safety is involved, it is essential to use the RIGHT product for the job, and RedBuilt is committed to supplying the right RedForm-I I-joist for the application. More information about RedForm-I I joists is available on our website including links to our formwork literature and installation guide. [gallery order="DESC" orderby="post_date"]

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Thanks for the differentation of RedBuilt products.  I forwarded to two customers who wanted to know more about RedForm I joists vs. the “look alikes.”

By Greg Riley on 2012 06 25.