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RedBuilt Fitness Challenge Winners: Team Three and a Half Men

Posted on May 08, 2012 by RedBuilt

by Peter Mellblom, Plant Manager for RedBuilt’s Delaware, Ohio Plant. Brian Coy, RJ Coy, and Roger Kennedy took up the RedBuilt™ fitness challenge with the intent on winning the whole enchilada.  These three and a half men knew it was possible to lose the equivalent of that extra half a person that seemed to be hanging around the middle. With the fitness challenge came the incentive to cut back on the maple bar breakfasts, the extra slice of pizza and push back from the table before taking a second plate. The team worked hard over the twelve week contest.  YMCA memberships came into play, extra workouts in the gym and plenty of time in the sauna.  Each team member also adopted healthier eating habits in spite of our vendors & sales folk dropping off donuts for break time. Each of the three set personal weight loss goals for the twelve week program and for extra motivation, a little side bet was laid down.  The one who lost the lowest percentage of weight is going to take the other two to the local Chinese buffet.  (Roger, aren’t you glad the team was only three people?) In the end the team lost 15% of their combined weight, 114 pounds or the equivalent of half a sturdy guy. Congratulations to all three of you keep going to the Y and eating healthy!
[caption id="attachment_220" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="RedBuilt Fitness Challenge 2012 Winners: Team 3 and a Half Men (from left to right: Roger Kennedy, RJ Coy and Brian Coy)"][/caption]
As a company, we collectively lost 888.6 pounds which amounts to a 6.6% average loss for all participants!

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