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RedBuilt Open-Web Truss Review from Matt Risinger

Posted on June 06, 2014 by RedBuilt

Matt Risinger, a custom home builder in central Texas, recently used RedBuilt’s open-web trusses for the first time while working on a project with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture. In his video review below, he raved about the trusses, and how they were able to meet the unique design requirements – without sacrificing functionality – by using our open-web trusses.

Watch Risinger's open-web truss review:

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I am interested in finding out more about RedBuild open web floor joist for residential.

For the past 15 years we have desiign our floors for L480 (even with dimensioal lumber) We pour 10’ basement walls, use TJI’s and end up boxing around mechanicals and spendind to much time and money firestopping and drafrstopping for the new IRC and IBC. Were can I get more info on RedBiuld Open web Joist

By Rolling Rock Construction Co on 2014 07 03.