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RedBuilt™ Product Offering Changing for FSC Certified Wood

Posted on April 16, 2012 by RedBuilt

By Jeff Jack, Manufacturing Technical Director at RedBuilt The continually growing demand for certified wood products that has been created largely from green building programs (like LEED for New Construction and a handful of others) has reshaped the way many companies in the forest products industries are conducting business. RedBuilt™ has been proud to obtain FSC chain-of-custody at all four of our manufacturing facilities for our core manufactured products. Challenges in maintaining this program have led RedBuilt™ to rationalize our product offering.  The primary challenge leading to this rationalization has been sourcing some of the high grade lumber raw materials in some of our product lines.  The result is that we are no longer able to offer FSC solid sawn MSR chords in our open web trusses.  The good news is that we can continue to manufacture open web trusses with FSC RedLam™ chords. The net result is that with the exception of the Red-W™ series open web truss, we are able to continue to offer our open trusses with FSC chords. The following is the summary of RedBuilt’s current FSC certified product offering:

  • Red-I™ i-joists (all series and sizes)
  • RedLam™ LVL beams and headers (all sizes)
  • RedLam™ LVL Rimboard: 1.5” thick: up to 16” depth 1.75” thick: up to 18” depth Other thicknesses:  all depths
  •  Red-L™, Red-S™, Red-M™, Red-H™ trusses: RedLam™ LVL chords only, All sizes
  • Glulam beams:  (all standard grades and sizes)
  • Factory attached accessories:  (all sizes)
This list has been slightly reduced from the previous offering to help maintain feasibility of the FSC program, and ensure that we can consistently deliver the services and products to meet your schedule. Further information about RedBuilt’s products and support services for green building projects is available at (

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