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RedBuilt™ Product Repair Roles & Responsibilities

Posted on May 22, 2012 by RedBuilt

by Heather Strong, P.E. Senior Engineer at RedBuilt RedBuilt™ is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers.  It is because of this commitment that we provide each of our customers with a product warranty. "We warrant that our products will be free from manufacturing errors or defects in workmanship and material.  In addition, we warrant the adequacy of our design for the normal and expected life of the building, provided the product is correctly installed and used." Through the course of a building's life there are instances in which RedBuilt™ products are being repaired, salvaged for reuse or modified.  RedBuilt™ considers the responsibility in determining the suitability of the products for reuse the province of practicing consulting engineers. When RedBuilt™ is contacted regarding the repair or reuse of our products, our first step is to recommend that the services of a professional engineer are secured.  The service we provide is to assist the engineer by providing requested information and detailing suggestions.  RedBuilt retains historic code reports and truss designs dating back into the 1960's, and for a fee and when available, will provide this information to design professionals.  RedBuilt™ associates are product knowledge experts and can evaluate repairs for suitability with our products and/or suggest repair details based on our experience and expertise.  In addition, our manufacturing facilities can furnish currently available parts or components as sized and selected by a practicing engineer and verified by a RedBuilt™ engineer. The RedBuilt™ Terms and Conditions state that "…if products are in any way altered except as explicitly provided in RedBuilt™ LLC's published instructions or by written permission of RedBuilt™ LLC, then all warranties are void." Repairs to RedBuilt™ products will continue to carry our product warranty only if a Design Professional of Record and RedBuilt™ have collaborated on the solution and RedBuilt™ has a record of the repair.  Any system modified without RedBuilt™ involvement, with or without a Design Professional nullifies the RedBuilt™ warranty.  So, when in doubt, the best solution is to contact your RedBuilt™ Technical Representative for assistance/guidance when repair/reuse situations arise. For more information, visit the following RedBuilt website pages: Product Repair & Improvement Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

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