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RedBuilt™ Solutions for Custom Home Designs

Posted on May 03, 2012 by RedBuilt

by Tom Byron, Technical Sales Representative for Northern Los Angeles county including the San Fernando Valley and Palmdale/Lancaster areas, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. As innovations change the way we use our homes, designers must continue to push the envelope to find unique solutions to their customer’s needs. RedBuilt, the industry leader in Engineered Wood Products is uniquely positioned to help. RedBuilt’s Technical Sales and Design Teams, strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada, have experience assisting architectural and engineering firms design custom homes with features such as indoor swimming pools, spas, movie theatres, bowling alleys, high ceilings and unique roof shapes.  These features in custom homes present the same engineering challenges RedBuilt has been designing solutions for commercial buildings for years. Long spans, shallow depths, A/C duct and plumbing penetrations, deflection and vibration control, multiple clear stories, arched ceiling, and cantilevers are all part of the RedBuilt solutions portfolio. Here are some examples of RedBuilt solutions to common residential design problems: Sloped Roofs: Reduce labor and material costs while maintaining a consistent slope by use of RedBuilt Tapered Red-I™ Joists or Tapered Open Web Trusses. There is no need to have the framer cut and install rip strips. Ventilation requirements and/or access for small plumbing or electrical lines: Have RedBuilt provide knockout holes in the I-Joist webs (not available in Tapered I-Joists). Large A/C and heating ducts perpendicular to layout: Use RedBuilt Open Web Trusses. Balcony floors: Outriggers can be attached to RedBuilt products or use tapered joists. Floor performance: Minimize vibration, bounce and deflection by using RedBuilt’s FloorChoice™ Floor Performance Rating Tool in our RedSpec™ Product Sizing Software to specify the correct floor for your application. Long Spans: Many of today’s homeowners are looking for the open feel of large spaces. RedBuilt’s long span Open Web Trusses (which are able to span well over 70’) are the perfect solution. Multi Story Walls: Use RedBuilt’s RedLam™ LVL studs to provide straight, tall walls. Unique ceiling shapes: RedBuilt Open Web Trusses have a variety of profiles: parallel chord, tapered, pitched, radius pitched, bow string, barrel, pitched top chord/radius bottom chord, scissor compound barrel and lenticular. Building component integration: Need to connect steel, concrete and wood products together with mechanical, plumbing, electrical components and systems into one award winning functional design? RedBuilt’s design team is used to working with other trade’s professionals to coordinate solutions for difficult engineering problems presented by today’s complex custom homes. As the industry leader, RedBuilt sets standards by employing Technical Sales Representatives throughout the United States. We can provide recommendations for contractors local to your project with the correct framing expertise. Wherever your project is located, we visit the jobsite to work hand in hand with framers, general contractors, project managers, architects and engineers to review the installation of our products and answer any questions. RedBuilt Engineers are able to review and seal your load calculations and shop drawing so you can provide submittals to building departments if required. This ensures that potential design issues such as connection details are worked out prior to construction so your project will proceed on schedule. So, next time you start a custom home, give your local RedBuilt Representative a call so we can add our team of problem solving technical representatives, designers and licensed professional engineers to your design team. [gallery order="DESC" columns="2"]

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The custom residence usually lends itself to interesting truss profiles.  Usually the profiles exceed the boundries of our normal software-  so we custom design many of these trusses the old fashion way - designing them from scratch.  They are a rewarding challenge in the engineering department and also a unique signature look for the customer.

By Wilson Antoniuk, PE - RB Technical Representative- on 2012 06 01.

Good article.  The advances in engineered wood products make it a first choice structural element for some of the most unusual and demanding architectural features.

By Tim McCarthy P.E. on 2012 05 13.

You have a great service! Going to the building site is an extra load for you and then you will work hand in hand with the framers and builders to check the installation and recommend things. Keep up the great service!

By Ria Grace on 2012 05 09.