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RedBuilt’s 3rd Anniversary

Posted on September 25, 2012 by RedBuilt

by Kurt Liebich, C.E.O. at RedBuilt™ On August 14, 2012, RedBuilt™ and our 250 associates celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  Most start-up companies would take great pride in celebrating a 3rd birthday. After all, only a fraction of entrepreneurial start-ups survive over the long-term.  RedBuilt’s story is a bit different.  RedBuilt was founded over 50 years ago as the Commercial Division of Trus Joist®.  For 50 years, RedBuilt has worked with our Customers to build over 100,000 commercial structures across North America.   However, the successor company, RedBuilt, was founded only 3 short years ago when we purchased the Commercial Division of Trus Joist from the Weyerhaeuser Company.  While our legacy with Trus Joist is long, our experience as RedBuilt is only beginning. The last three years have been difficult for any company that services the commercial construction industry.  Many have failed and the ones that remain have demonstrated that they can truly provide value to the industry.  At RedBuilt, we take great pride in working with architects, structural engineers, contractors, and framers to ensure that the most efficient structural systems are specified, designed, and constructed.  On every project, we ensure the adequacy of the structural design, and our manufacturing associates strive each day to deliver quality structural solutions according to our Customers’ construction schedule.  We want our Customers to experience a hassle free experience on each and every job.  We appreciate the trust that you have in our products and solutions, and  value our long-standing business relationships.  Simply put, we couldn’t have survived without your support. We believe that the worst is behind us.  The November elections are creating quite a bit of uncertainty in the markets, and the banks still have extremely tight credit standards, which are delaying the start of many viable projects.  However, even with these head winds, we are seeing signs that the market is beginning to improve.  RedBuilt has quoted 10% more jobs in 2012 than we did in 2011.  This is directly related to a marginal improvement in the overall level of activity.   Additionally, we are starting to see that many of the jobs that we quoted in the 2008-2011 period are beginning to come back to life, and many “old” projects are getting funding and are moving forward.  Lastly, residential housing is slowly coming back to life.  While housing starts are well below historical averages, the data is improving.  While we are not expecting a dramatic increase in business activity, we do believe that the construction markets will increase and move toward historical norms over the next 5 years.  At RedBuilt, we are looking forward to working in this improved environment. I am proud of our RedBuilt associates, our suppliers, our Customers, and our investors, who stuck together to weather the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression.  It has been a real struggle.  Those that are still standing have worked hard, made sacrifices, and demonstrated great levels of creativity and tenacity.   At RedBuilt, we look forward to continuing to work with our Customers to create structural solutions on each and every project.  Better days are most certainly ahead, and I remain thankful for the countless lessons that we have learned along the way.

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