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RedBuilt's story - and its history - told in the Business Insider

Posted on May 07, 2013 by RedBuilt

On the cover of today's Business Insider -- the weekly business publication from the Idaho Statesman -- was a feature story about RedBuilt™. Idaho Statesman Front Page - May 7, 2013 Harold That story, which was also prominently featured on the Statesman's front page, tells the story of our history, from the company's inception in 1960 through today. It highlights our founders' role in creating engineered wood products, which was an entirely new category of materials at the time, that "still dominate much of the world’s light-commercial and wood-framed residential construction." In addition to the historical perspective, the article also demonstrates how today we're much more than just a building materials company. Kurt Liebich, President and CEO was quoted:

“We’ve got to be there just when the idea [of a new building project] is beginning to happen,” Liebich says. “We need to sit down with the architects to convince them that they should be thinking about a wood building versus a steel building. "Once they decide it’s a wood building, we’re in there working with the structural engineer. After all that upfront effort, we’re hoping to have a set of plans that specifies RedBuilt products. We do sell products, but we think about our business more as providing solutions for customer projects."
You can read the entire article on the Idaho Statesman's website, or see a PDF of the print version on our site.

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