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Rock Stars!—But just for a week

Posted on February 25, 2015 by RedBuilt

Guy Brousseau, PE

Engineers catch a lot of grief. We take things apart just to see how they work. We have a “knack” for asking lots of obscure questions. Engineers typically arrive early for meetings but don’t want to mingle with the other early people. Oh, and people make fun of us for our huge calculators.

Yet, this week is National Engineers Week, which is dedicated to recognizing how engineers make a difference in our world. That’s right, this week engineers are the rock stars.

As a leader in the engineered wood products industry, RedBuilt is proud of our engineers and their impact to the building industry. We are innovators that seek opportunities for continuous improvement. For an organization that is 315 associates strong, RedBuilt has:

  • 20 Professional Engineers
  • 1,194 total number of complete shop drawings produced under the guidance of RedBuilt engineers in 2014
  • Multiple professional licensures covering 49 states and 8 Canadian provinces
  • 300 hours of continuous education completed each year by the previously said 20 PE’s

So while National Engineering Week carries on, our RedBuilt engineers – or rather rock stars – have our heads down. We’re working our next innovative solution.

Guy has engineering seals/stamps for every state or province where he has a professional certification. Because he has so many, they need their own alphabetical categorization!

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