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We’ve Overhauled our Formwork Literature

Posted on March 23, 2015 by RedBuilt

Over the last couple of years, the American Concrete Institute Committee for Concrete Formwork (ACI-347) has been busy! They have issued the first edition of the Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces (ACI-347.3R-13). They have revised the Guide to Formwork for Concrete (ACI-347R-14). And they have updated SP-4: Formwork for Concrete (8th Edition)—a substantial overhaul on the SP-4 book.

Key revisions to SP-4 include:

  • Update to all load tables
  • Recommendations for load durations and deflection criteria
  • Updates on newer formwork materials and processes (systems, engineered wood products, overlays, etc.)
  • LRFD design information
  • More information for lateral force design
  • Recommendations for design with newer concrete mixes (SCC)
  • Inclusion of ACI 347-14
  • Color photos and design examples of architectural concrete and surface finishes

All of these documents are available for sale through the ACI Store. In response to this evolving information now available to the forming industry, RedBuilt has conducted a major overhaul on our literature for formwork and shoring applications. The new RedBuilt Forming and Shoring Product Selector has been completely reorganized to simplify its use in the field, and additional tables have been added to consider additional deflection criteria and load duration assumptions in the newest edition of SP-4.

Download the new RedBuilt Forming and Shoring Product Selector here.

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