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We’ve updated our Literature!

Posted on November 06, 2012 by RedBuilt

by Paul Drace, Director of Marketing at RedBuilt™ Go to to find our most up-to-date literature in easy to access PDF format.  We strongly urge you to become dependent on the electronic versions of literature primarily because if you use them, you will have the most current information.  We are continually refining and improving the information contained in our electronic versions making our printed versions out-of-date the second they are printed.  It is akin to the evolution of the horse and buggy (printed) to the automobile (electronic) in the beginning of the 20th century. The following is a summary of the changes that we made: Total Support:

  • Minor editorial and photo updates
Red-I™ Joists:
  • P. 2 – Added hyperlinks to the on-line version for the Table of Contents for convenience
  • P. 15 – Updated the loads for blocking panels in first bullet point
    • Added Red-I45™ and Red-I90H™ and adjusted allowable load for Red-I65™ and Red-I90™ from 1,925 to 2,255 lbs.
  • P. 17 – Updated the nail size in Detail 21 and adjusted the Nail Shear Capacity.
    • Nail Shear Capacity is decreased to correctly account for double shear reduction.
  • P. 2 – Added hyperlinks to the on-line version for the Table of Contents for convenience
  • P. 3 – Added “with RedLam™ LVL chords” in second paragraph of Resource Efficiency to distinguish the type of trusses that are available with FSC credits.
  • P. 5 – Updated the tightest curvature for single-chord trusses to 52.’
  • Significant Change
  • P. 15 – Details 19, 20, & 21
  • P. 18 – Details 35 &36
  • P. 20 – Detail 44
    • Updated top chord extension and outrigger tables based on the code requirement to account for 300 lb point load at the end of the truss.
    • Updated the values for the materials used.
    • Updated the multiplier and notes.
    • Added the “live load = 0.80 x total load for LL deflection."
  • P. 21 – Detail 51: Eliminated the Double Truss Reaction for double chord double trusses because the trusses are modeled as single trusses.
  • P. 25 – Detail 59 has been updated to reflect the tested assembly with a 3.5”x3.5”x15” block and a max tension capacity of 3,500 lbs.
    • This as now our standard, tested assembly.
    • HD3B connectors are required.  Do NOT substitute other hold downs.
  • P. 26
    • Updated Detail 65 to reflect all double chord truss series
    • Updated Detail 66 to show actual clip with nailer.
Fire Facts:
  • P. 6 – Updated the 45 Minute assembly to NBCC 2010 requirements
Sprinkler System Installation Guide:
  • P. 3 – Added note about pre-drilling self tapping screws
Tapered Red-I65T™ Joists:
  • P. 2
    • Added hyperlinks to the on-line version for the Table of Contents
    • Removed the bullet point about knockout holes
      • Due to a different manufacturing process for tapered Red-I65T™ I-joists, knockout holes are not standard.
      • If holes are required, they can be independently drilled.  This service will incur additional charges.
  • P. 4 – Clarified the available depths based on slope.
  • Added note that knockout holes are not available.
As a side note, you may have to clear your cache to download the most recent version of our literature.  Do this by typing “Ctrl-F5.”

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