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White Paper: Strut Bracing

Posted on December 10, 2015 by RedBuilt

Next time you see bundles of what looks like truss webs delivered with your RedBuilt™ open-web trusses, make sure your contractor understands the purpose and installs them—strut bracing is there for their safety.

In 1975, installation bracing, or “strut bracing,” was created to ensure safe installation of our open-web trusses over impressive spans. Fast forward 40 years, and we continue to offer impressively-long spans, and still supply strut bracing for installation safety.


Learn more about what strut bracing is, any why RedBuilt provides it with every job, at no additional cost, in our most recent white paper: Strut Bracing by Ben Seely, P.E. and David Cortnik, EIT.

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