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Why RedBuilt™? (Part 2)

Posted on September 17, 2012 by RedBuilt

By Tom Byron, Technical Sales Representative at RedBuilt™ [caption id="attachment_448" align="alignleft" width="71"] Tom Byron, Technical Sales Representative at RedBuilt[/caption] This week’s “Why RedBuilt™? (Part 2)” focuses on how using RedBuilt™ products benefits contractors and building owners. Contractors and owners may understand why the AOR and EOR specify RedBuilt products: unparalleled technical support, lifetime warranty, high quality and high performance products, ease of design, etc.  Although understood, when the rubber meets the road, the contractor and owner are typically concerned more about the project economics.  So, it is critical to understand the installed cost benefits of RedBuilt projects as well as understand how to compare RedBuilt’s package to other suppliers. Framing and General Contractors:

  • RedBuilt does more to get projects specified in wood: For framers and general contractors that specialize in wood construction, this point should be of particular interest.  We spend thousands of hours each year working with architects, engineers, building departments, code developers,  and industry groups to promote the benefits of wood for commercial applications.  This, in turn, creates more opportunity for contractors, especially those that specialize in wood construction. So, when you purchase projects from RedBuilt, not only are you getting the best solution for your project, you are increasing your future opportunity.
  • Get the Best System Solution: At RedBuilt, not only do we proactively promote our industry, we directly assist design professionals in finding best systems that meet project requirements.  One particular area we focus on is lower installed costs, not product price, saving money for everyone involved in the project.  Our goal is to provide the most economical solution considering on-site safety, labor, material handling, time-to-install, etc. in addition to the cost of the physical materials being supplied.
  • Save Time by working with the company that was specified:  Working with the company that was specified saves time, and time is money.  Often times, there are alternate solutions to specified systems presented to contractors.  We, too, will provide alternate solutions when requested, but only when we can find a system that meets or exceeds project requirements and saves money.  Usually, alternate solutions stem from suppliers trying to “cheapen” their package with little consideration for effects      on installation costs, specified product performance, or long-term building performance.  The burden associated with getting alternates approved generally falls to the contractor(s), EOR, and/or AOR, adding time and money to the project.
  • Work with the company that has the resources to help coordinate with other players like the EOR and AOR: When specified, RedBuilt already worked with the design professionals to ensure that the best system that meets the designer’s and owner’s performance criteria with the lowest installed cost is already in place.  And should an efficient alternate be identified, we will assist with the approval process by working with the contractor and coordinating with the AOR and EOR to ensure that all parties benefit from proposed modifications.
  • Work with a company that wants to help  you save money:  You may find      that by having RedBuilt factory install web stiffeners at each end costs less than having your guys do it in the field. You may find the same if RedBuilt factory assembles double joists. Or how about a beveled cut included on one or both ends of the joist. Want more ideas like this? Contact your RedBuilt Technical Representative.
  • Get a clear, easy to understand Quote: At RedBuilt, we stand by our quotes and provide whole system solutions, not parts and pieces of materials.  This is critical when comparing packages.  Seldom, if ever, do competing quotes include the same items or guarantees.  Make certain you determine that the quotes are comparable and include not only equal products, but also considers additional items like included accessories and services that will save time and money on site. Remember that the low product quote may not be the lowest installed quote, so make certain you’re comparing apples to apples.
  • Get Total Support directly from the manufacturer: RedBuilt has Technical Representatives who will meet with you and your team before installation to discuss how to safely install the products you purchased and to answer questions before you start the project, saving you time and money. Additionally, should questions arise during installation, the same Technical Representative will be there to help.  And to top it all off, in most regions, we can perform a post-installation review and provide you with a report that you can use to demonstrate to the building owner, EOR, AOR and building department  that you properly installed your RedBuilt products.
  • Get the solution that meets the intended design requirements: Insist on RedBuilt.  This way, you are guaranteed you are getting what you intended when you set out on the path of designing and building your structure.  Remember all the      passion and time you and your design team invested laying out and designing your building – making tough decisions and laboring over the perfect building for you. And, last minute, someone comes in with what they a call a “better solution.”  “Better,” in this instance is likely code for “cheaper.” Curious that all that work and time invested is jeopardized because someone else thinks they know better than you and your design team what your goals are.  Offering an alternate solution should bring a few questions to mind:
    • How do they know why we made our decisions?
    • Are their suggestions in my or their best interest?
    • What is their goal, and does it match mine?
It doesn’t feel quite right, does it?  At RedBuilt, we try to preserve your intentions  with a goal of providing the best system at the lowest installed cost.  We are so confident in our ability to do so that we offer product warranty for the life of your building offering you, the building owner, piece of mind that your manufacturer stands behind the products you are purchasing.
  • Post-Installation Review to provide you piece-of-mind: When you use RedBuilt products, not only do we provide a lifetime warranty, we offer post-installation reviews.  As a part of our review, we can provide a copy of our “Jobsite Review Form” which shows that one of our RedBuilt representatives reviewed the installation of RedBuilt products, and found your contractor’s installation met the installation requirements – yet more piece of mind.
How do you protect your project?
  • Require bidders disclose which manufacturer’s products they will be supplying at bid time.
  • Require substitutions to meet or exceed design specifications.
  • Require a jobsite review by the manufacturer.
  • Require shop drawings stamped by the manufacturer, not a third party.
  • Require a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of the building.
  • Call your local representative for a no cost consultation.
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