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RedBuilt™ FSC® Certification

BOISE, Idaho (Nov. 17, 2009) — RedBuilt™ today announced the Forest Stewardship Council® has awarded chain-of-custody certificates for engineered wood products the company manufactures at its plants in Chino, Calif., and Stayton, Ore. RedBuilt FSC®-certified products now include their open-web truss line (Red-L™, Red-W™, Red-S™, Red-M™, and Red-H™), as well as Red-I™ joists, RedLam™ Laminated Veneer Lumber and sourced glulam beams. In addition to these certifications, RedBuilt expects to extend their chain-of-custody their Delaware, Ohio plant in January. FSC®’s accredited thirdparty certifiers evaluate forest management activities and track forest products.

The company has a strong history of efficient wood fiber utilization and responsible fibersourcing practices, and is proud to add RedBuilt FSC® certified products as an option to the construction industry.

According to Jeff Jack, RedBuilt’s Manufacturing Technical Director, FSC® certified products can help the company’s customers earn LEED® green building certification. “This certification removes any barriers to specifying and purchasing RedBuilt products when you’re seeking green certification, whether that be LEED® or other,” Jack says.

LEED®, an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a rating system the U.S. Green Building Council employs for evaluating a structure’s resource efficiency. It is becoming a requirement for many public works projects, and a growing number of architects, developers, engineers, specifiers, and others are adopting the organization’s sustainable building and development practices.

Jack says incorporating FSC®-certified building materials like RedBuilt’s engineered wood products and open-web trusses can earn points toward LEED® certification. RedBuilt products can contribute to the following LEED® points: MR4.1-2, MR5.1-2, MR7, and EQ4.4, and they support seven different categories of the Green Globes building rating system.

In addition, Jack points out RedBuilt products contain no urea formaldehyde. He also says the steel RedBuilt employs as web material in its open-web trusses and joist hangers include recycled content.

RedBuilt — formerly the Commercial division of Trus Joist® — has been recognized as a world leader in developing wood-based structural solutions since 1960. Acquired in August by Atlas Holdings LLC in partnership with a group of former leaders of Trus Joist Corp., RedBuilt offers the industry’s most innovative engineered wood products and building systems for commercial, industrial, and multifamily applications. RedBuilt’s offerings include composite wood-and-steel open-web trusses, engineered wood I-joists, engineered lumber like LVL, and complementary components, product engineering, and onsite technical support, as well as a range of concrete-forming and scaffold-plank solutions. Visit for more details about the company.

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RedBuilt™, Red-H™, Red-I™, Red-L™, Red-Lam™, Red-M™, Red-S™, and Red-W™ are trademarks of RedBuilt LLC. Trus Joist® is a registered trademark of Weyerhaeuser Co.