It is my pleasure to re-introduce the former Commercial Division of Trus Joist® (most recently iLevel Trus Joist Commercial) to you as RedBuiltTM, a name that pays tribute to one of Trust Joists’ founders, Harold “Red” Thomas.  

Our name is new, but our people, plants and products are the same ones you’ve come to trust over the years.

None of this will change.

With the completion of this sale…

  • RedBuiltTM will now be based out of the original headquarters in Boise, ID. 
  • We will continue to operate the four manufacturing facilities that produce our open-web trusses, commercial I-joists and laminated veneer lumber. 
  • We will continue to back those products with our industry leading sales and technical support services. 
  • For customers with work in process, planning a future project or requiring product specification, you can continue to work with your Technical Representative as before.

For details concerning this acquisition by our new parent company, Atlas Holdings, please refer to the news release on our web site at

The Commercial Division of Trus Joist has always been an innovative team of people with a can-do spirit and a strong commitment to its customers. Through the years we have fought hard to keep the focus where it needs be: on you and your business. 

As RedBuiltTM, backed by the financial strength of Atlas Holdings, and coupled with a senior management team and leaders who know this business, we are poised to take our company and yours to another level.

If you have any questions about this exciting transition or would like additional information, please contact your Technical Representatives, or me.

We look forward to working with you as RedBuiltTM.


Kurt Liebich, President & CEO

Weyerhaeuser, Trus Joist and TJ are trademarks of Weyerhaeuser, which retains all rights in these trademarks and all its other marks and the names of its products.  The goods made by RedBuilt LLC will not be sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by Weyerhaeuser, and Weyerhaeuser will not make any representation regarding the quality of the goods or services provided by RedBuilt