RedBuilt awarded FSC Certificates
Chain-of-Custody Certificates from Forestry Stewardship Council Can Help RedBuilt™ Customers Achieve LEED Green Building Certification.
On November 17th, RedBuilt announced that the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) has awarded chain-of-custody certificates for engineered wood product manufactured at our Chino, California and Stayton, Oregon plants.
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RedBuilt is Rolling

As we continue our name transition from the Commercial Division of Trus Joist® to RedBuilt™, our trucks have begun to roll, delivering our new brand to meet your commercial construction needs.

RedBuilt Manufacturing
Facility, Stayton, OR

Contact your local RedBuilt Technical Representative and learn how you can benefit from the invaluable experience and technical expertise earned on thousands of completed projects from coast to coast, including:

• Offices
• Hotels and motels
• Custom residences
• Multi-family housing
• Schools
• Restaurants
• Retail locations
• Warehouses
• National brands
• Industrial

RedBuilt secures ICC-ES Evaluations
On October 1st, RedBuilt announced that our engineered wood products received evaluation reports from ICC Evaluation Service, providing evidence they meet code requirements. “These reports mark a milestone in the development of our full suite of specification tools for the design community and building officials,” says Ted Osterberger, RedBuilt’s Vice President of Engineering.
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Jamie Wolf
Professional Building

Spokane, WA

Framer: Schell/Ackerman
Spokane, WA

GC: Silvey Construction
Spokane, WA

Architect: Bernardo Wills Architects, Spokane, WA

Engineer: Jordan Structural Engineering, Mead, WA

RedBuilt Rep: Terry Saunders

About the Project:
Shell/Ackerman installed 13,700 sq. ft. of flooring with a crew of 4 in 7 hours using Red-L Open Web Trusses. Shell/Ackerman has been the go-to framing subcontractor for Silvey Construction for nearly 30 years. Silvey’s core builds are Medical and Dental buildings requiring top-notch flooring systems with no floor bounce, and they insist on RedBuilt products.

From Dave Schell of Schell/Ackerman: “We’ve been very busy, which is interesting in this environment. We always promote Open Web products because of the speed of production and ability to keep costs down. For a project of this size, using conventional framing methods would have taken three times as long.”

“Our RedBuilt rep is top-notch,” Schell went on to say. “He works with us from engineering all the way through completion. After we rolled on our first RedBuilt job, there was no other way to go in terms of span and speed.”