An Inside Look: Horseshoe Casino Construction

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Ever wanted to take a behind-the-scenes tour of a construction site for a concrete structure?

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Jobsite Review – One of the many things that make RedBuilt different

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It’s a good day when our RedBuilt Technical Representatives—or Tech Reps, for short—work with a customer to find them a solution and then place an order for products to be manufactured. The story could end there, but for RedBuilt Tech Reps, there is more to do.

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We’ve Overhauled our Formwork Literature

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Over the last couple of years, the American Concrete Institute Committee for Concrete Formwork (ACI-347) has been busy! Check out their latest updates.

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Rock Stars!—But just for a week

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This week is National Engineers Week, which is dedicated to recognizing how engineers make a difference in our world.

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Featured Projects—Best of 2014

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A few notable projects that we were involved with in 2014.

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An engineering guide to holiday decorating

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Who says that engineers don't have a sense of humor around the holidays?

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Floor Vibration: An Everyday Thing

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Our floor at home is designed for a live load of 40 pounds per square foot. I’ve never actually seen 40 pounds on each square foot of it, not all at once. None of us do. On my floor there’s just a scattering of chairs and tables and two useless cats. As cats go they’re relatively heavy, but I feel they pose no threat to the integrity of the structure.

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Origin of the Penny Nail

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Why is a 10d nail called a 10 "penny" nail?

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RedBuilt Welcomes New Regional Sales Managers and Marketing Manager

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Cornelia Sprung joins RedBuilt as Marketing Manager, and Mike Hayley and Jason Weber named Regional Sales Managers

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RedBuilt Open-Web Truss Review from Matt Risinger

Posted on June 06, 2014 by RedBuilt | Leave Comment

Matt Risinger's video review of RedBuilt's open-web trusses

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