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Materials that Work Just Right…Every Time

“There is no other way to describe it – it’s a big, structural box,” says SSW Engineer Michael Cox. He’s describing the medium-sized retail store called Bi-Mart. As a stand-alone structure selling general household items, Bi-Mart stores are nestled into smaller-sized communities throughout Oregon, Idaho and Washington.  

A big box it may be, yet simple structures have structural complexities and the Bi-Mart stores have their own unique qualities. “As opposed to box buildings constructed of steel joists and deck, Bi-Mart uses exposed engineered wood joists and beams to provide aesthetic appeal,” explains Bill Sharp, Senior Project Manager for Sletten Construction Company. “Big box stores don’t use these types of materials very often.” Sletten has constructed two Bi-Marts in Southern Idaho over the last year, and RedBuilt™ materials have been used to construct more than 20 Bi-Mart stores.

“Beyond the look and feel of the open-web trusses and I-joists, we specify engineered wood from RedBuilt™ because we know exactly what we’ll get,” explains SSW Engineer Michael Cox. “They also provide all the front-end coordination between the framer, contractors, specifiers and transportation scheduling.”

“It all begins with using the design software RedSpec to configure lateral loads and check calculations. Bi-Mart will only use RedBuilt™ for its structural members because of our great confidence in the calculations,” says Cox. “RedSpec just works and it’s easy to use.”

“RedBuilt™ products – I-joists, open-web trusses and glulam beams – are delivered to us pre-cut and ready for installation. There is no field cutting, which saves on labor and jobsite waste,” says Sharp. “We may have a little bit of play in the hangers, yet not one item has had issues.”

“Even though the structure might be a simple box, you want all the members to fit right,” says Cox. “RedBuilt™ products are the most cost-effective and have the best calculations then any of their competitors. They provide materials that just work.”