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Duluth Depot Train Shed

As home to both rail engines and rail cars, the triple-bay Duluth Depot Train Shed at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum is a triple bay depot with parallel gable roofs that replicates the historic rail stations of the early 1900s. Following the original construction, an addition was built adjacent to the depot roof, however it was built without taking into consideration factors such as drifting and sliding snow. And during winters in Minnesota, there’s no shortage of either.

To remedy this situation, Riihiluoma Construction and LHB Engineers & Architects doubled up on the roof trusses, adding sister open-web trusses to the original legacy trusses. In total, 108 new open-web trusses were added spanning 38’ with gable pitch top chords and a unique radial curved bottom chord. Additionally, the roof’s natural daylighting was improved by increasing the size and quantity of skylights, adding yet another twist to the project.

To add to the complexity of this project, the open-web trusses had to be built to precise tolerances, allowing them to be installed without removing the existing roof. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the open-web trusses, and the ingenuity of the builder and framers, the trusses were able to be handled and installed without the need for a large crane, saving both time and expenses.