Featured Projects


The Yogurtland project in Southern California was one of the more unique projects we’ve been involved with lately, and provided a number of big challenges. The building’s design required the use of a barrel truss profile, and included a number of skewed and sloped bearing surfaces.

This project was initially designed to use steel, but RedBuilt’s Tomas Carlos worked with the customer and project’s engineer to provide a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution using RedBuilt’s Red-W™ open-web trusses. At 74 feet long with a 7 foot camber, these were some of the longest trusses of this type produced at the Chino facility.

With the barrel profile and curves in every truss, the work of our veteran truss designer Dave Vanderzanden was outstanding, and couldn’t have happened without the efforts of everyone from scheduling to engineering and the team at our Chino manufacturing plant.