Product Repair and Improvement

Product Repair & Improvement

RedBuilt™ has delivered thousands of projects over our 50 year history. On occasion we are contracted to assist in improving those existing structures. Examples might include:

  • Fire repair
  • Additional support for new mechanical units
  • Additional support for suspended loads
  • Tenant improvement modifications
  • Building changes
  • Damaged product

Although our primary focus is production work we are able to help under the following process when you need assistance:

  • Contact your local RedBuilt™ Technical Representative to explore options
  • Provide a description of the scope of work
  • Provide the following information to help us locate an old file from our project database:
    • Product photos
    • Product name
    • Old shop drawings
    • Project address, city and state
    • Old construction documents
  • RedBuilt™ requires an initial fee for time to analyze your scope of work to determine if we can provide a viable solution. Please consult with your local technical rep.
  • RedBuilt™ develops purchase agreement based on agreed upon scope
  • Customer signs purchase agreement
  • RedBuilt™ develops a detailed list of instructions and necessary materials
  • Manufacture material
  • Coordinate and delivery material to project site.

Notes: Since these projects often involve odd and obscure building situations, it is imperative that the customer work very closely with the local RedBuilt™ rep to ensure a successful project.