As a business that “supports the manufacture and distribution of forest products” (per The DHS Memorandum) and serves the commercial and residential construction markets, RedBuilt qualifies as an essential business. We will continue to operate and serve the needs of our customers while keeping our associates safe.


To help keep our associates and their families safe from the COVID-19 virus, RedBuilt has developed COVID-19 Prevention and Preparedness plans.  The plans reinforce best practices for how to keep the virus from spreading (prevention), as well as details about what to do if you have had exposure to a known infected person, or, if you have been diagnosed with the virus (preparedness). The plans are heavily based on guidance from Center for Disease Control (CDC), with input from many of our associates.


White Paper: Strut Bracing

Next time you see bundles of what looks like truss webs delivered with your RedBuilt™ open-web trusses, make sure your contractor understands the purpose and installs them—strut bracing is there for their safety.

Tim Kolb with the Red Badger Award

The Red Badger Award

Persistence in problem solving. Never giving up. Doing whatever it takes to service the needs of the customer. These are “Badger-like” behaviors that exemplify RedBuilt™ associates who win the annual Red Badger award.


Walking the Talk: Safety and Quality

Safety and quality, two core values that established the company more than 50 years ago, still hold true with RedBuilt today. They sound good, yet how does RedBuilt really “walk the talk” when it comes to safety of its associates and the quality of our products?