The Red Badger Award

The Red Badger Award

Persistence in problem solving. Never giving up. Doing whatever it takes to service the needs of the customer. These are “Badger-like” behaviors that exemplify RedBuilt™ associates who win the annual Red Badger award.


2018 Red Badger Award Winner:


Brian Coy, maintenance manager in Delaware, Ohio
Brian is Tenacious, Innovative and Badger-Like.

  • Brian has taken on numerous challenges head-on and used them as opportunities to develop creative solutions.
  • We have never worked with a more non-traditional and contrarian thinker
  • Persistence, thy name is Brian.
  • Brian’s innovative efforts affect safety of his team, the quality of the products they produce.  He has played a key role in successfully developing and delivering new products with a real passion to give the customer what they want.

He has taken on safety for his crew (with a passion). We often see him mentoring line associates on safety or equipment operation.  Brian is often the guy turning on the lights in the morning and turning them off at night.

Why you should prioritize carbon sequestration when building

Implementing green building practices means using fewer resources, reducing waste, and decreasing life cycle costs. Sustainable design yields faster lease up rates, higher resale value, and lower energy use.


Associate Professional Engineer Certifications

We help people build commercial structures, and internally we help build people. 

We know that all structures have a blueprint to follow. Blueprints depict a clear picture of the finished product. Along with blueprints; there are key milestones along the way. Professional development is one of those milestones and a point of pride at RedBuilt.

That’s why we’d like to recognize three engineers in our crew that have reached an important milestone — becoming licensed professional engineers.


“The 951” in Downtown Boise

All wood. Mid-rise. Mixed use.


White Paper: Strut Bracing

Next time you see bundles of what looks like truss webs delivered with your RedBuilt™ open-web trusses, make sure your contractor understands the purpose and installs them—strut bracing is there for their safety.


Walking the Talk: Safety and Quality

Safety and quality, two core values that established the company more than 50 years ago, still hold true with RedBuilt today. They sound good, yet how does RedBuilt really “walk the talk” when it comes to safety of its associates and the quality of our products?


From lumber mill to flowerpot – the journey of lumber wrap

Because our trusses use a lot of MSR lumber, RedLam™ LVL or LSL, a lot of plastic lumber wrap is peeled off bundles as we get to work turning that material into RedBuilt trusses. At our Hillsboro, OR plant we bag up every bit of that wrap for recycling—adding up to about 5 tons per year!