RedBuilt™ Cross Laminated Timber

Mass timber building support from concept to completion

If you’re like most design and construction professionals, mass timber has captured your imagination with its stunning aesthetics and inherent sustainability.

Wondering what steps to take next? You’re not alone. Few companies have the experience to take a mass timber project from concept to completion. This is where we can help.

Kamiah CLT panels
Kamiah Supervisors Office - Kamiah, ID
SLCDA Glycol Wildlife - Salt Lake City, UT
SLCDA Glycol Wildlife - Salt Lake City, UT
SLCDA Glycol Wildlife - Salt Lake City, UT
SLCDA Glycol Wildlife - Salt Lake City, UT
Frog Lake Huts - Truckee, CA - Photo Credit: SAGEMODERN

Since 1958, RedBuilt™ has been a leader in commercial construction, providing customized, engineered-wood framing solutions. In 2020 we entered the Mass Timber Market. Mass timber is flexible and strong. It creates warm, inviting spaces that rise up to 18 stories and challenge what it means to design and build with engineered wood products. Our highly trained team is deeply familiar with mass timber design, manufacturing and construction. We guide architects, engineers and contractors through the entire design and construction process, collaborating every step of the way to streamline workflow and eliminate guesswork.

Mass Timber at a glance

Faster construction

Lower carbon footprint

Lower labor costs

Quieter, cleaner, safer construction sites

Greater site options with lighter loads

Marketable - people prefer wood structures

Cross-laminated timber is flexible and strong, creating warm, inviting spaces—up to 18 stories—that challenge preconceived notions of what it means to design and build with engineered wood products.

Case Study – Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office

X-Shaped School Creates Unique Framing Challenges

The architectural vision provided by Hacker Architects created a unique-shaped building set together with complex angles. Wood was selected for its economical benefits, along with the desire for aesthetic appeal with exposed material.


Building an Oregon school with RedBuilt roof and floor trusses

The Gilkey International Middle School project featured a wave-shaped roof that proved to be an interesting challenge for engineers and framers, as well as a concrete-topped floor that required analysis of floor performance over time. Read about how we helped make this a reality.


Creating an All-Wood, Mixed-Use, Mid-Rise Structure

The 951 is made up of 74,500 square feet of mixed-use space. Around 4,100 square feet designated for retail use on the first level with the rest dedicated to the 68 apartments on the upper floors. Seven of those apartments are two-story units, combining a street-level workspace with private stairs leading to the living quarters above.


Wood trusses, design collaboration support California school build

A new school was built in California's Imperial Valley. When the project was initially launched and coordinated by Sanders Architecture, RedBuilt's open web trusses were chosen by their engineering partner, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Orie</a><sup>2</sup>.


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