RedBuilt™ Prefabricated Wall Panels

Easy-to-install, commercial-grade custom walls.

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Consistent. Convenient. Capable.

Looking to get a prototype design up and running as quickly as possible? Look no further. Our prefabricated walls are built from the highest-quality raw materials and exactly to your specifications — that means reduced labor costs, shorter timelines, and less job site waste.

Our wall panels at a glance:

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Consistent quality for reduced errors

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Easy to install without specialized labor

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Shorter installation times

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Less waste

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Supplied exclusively to national brands

Advanced design and made-to-order customization makes installation time faster, easier, and more accurate. Plus, our prefabricated wall panels can be optimized to reduce the amount of board footage used, and our tall walls can be customized for any commercial application.

A Nationwide Network

No matter where you’re looking to build your next location, RedBuilt can deliver. With four design centers and four manufacturing plants, we can find the right solution for your region and efficiently deliver the materials you need.

Map of the united states showing the locations of RedBuilt offices and design centers. Locations are: Hillsboro Oregon, Stayton Oregon, Boise Idaho (Corporate Headquarters), Delaware Ohio, and Chino California.


RedBuilt Manufacturing Plants and Design Centers

Why RedBuilt™ Wall Panels?

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Built to Order
Can be optimized to reduce board footage and customized for any commercial application.
Off the Shelf
On-site construction means more waste and more mistakes.
Direct-to-Jobsite Delivery
Eliminating the middleman means quicker timelines and fewer complications.
Complex Distribution
Brokers and lumberyards add unnecessary costs and confusion.
One-Source Specification and Support
Order and get design help directly from our experienced technical team.
Sporadic Support
When you work with multiple vendors, getting answers and advice gets a lot more difficult.

The bottom line? We lighten your load by helping you reduce errors and cycle time.

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Proven Performance & Expertise

RedBuilt has been designing innovative products and projects since the 1950s — in other words, we know wood inside and out.

Our Tech Saves Time

Investing in smart technology means less time between breaking ground and your grand opening. By integrating with building models and printing directly onto components, wrapping up your next restaurant or retail location becomes as simple as following the instructions.

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Wall panel design in software
wall panel being built
Plate material with stud location printed on wall panels

We’re here to help.

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