BIM Object Downloads

To use RedBuilt Revit downloads, you’ll need Revit 2017 at a minimum. Once you add the product to a project, it will automatically update to the current version.

Product downloads are also available from bimobject here.

RedLam™ LVL

RED-H™ Pitched Profile

RED-H™ Tapered Profile

RED-L™ Pitched Profile

RED-L™ Radius Pitched Profile

RED-L™ Tapered Profile

RED-L™ and RED-W™ Parallel Profile

RED-M™ Pitched Profile

RED-M™ Tapered Profile

RED-S™ Pitched Profile

RED-S™ Radius Pitched

RED-S™ Tapered Profile

RED-S™, RED-M™ and RED-H™ Parallel Profile

RED-W™ Pitched Profile

RED-W™ Radius Pitched Profile

RED-W™ Tapered Profile