A man stands beneath a wood structure, surveying concrete forming

RedForm™ Concrete Forming and Shoring

RedForm I-Joists and LVL Form Beams, Wales and Shores

The characteristics of RedForm LVL and RedForm I-joists make them ideal for working in concrete forming applications. With many of the natural inconsistencies found in wood like knots, splits and wane removed during the manufacturing process, reliably engineered RedForm LVL and I-joist forms stand up to multiple reuses. Not only will you find all the reliable, innovative products that you’ve been using, but you’ll work with a single-source, service-oriented supplier and technical sales representative.

RedForm LVL Form Beams, Wales and Shores:

Supports heavy loads

Uniform, flat, and level forming surfaces

Icon Horizontal Spans

Available in long lengths

Durable for multiple reuse

RedForm I-Joists:

Faster Construction

Lightweight for fast install

Resists bowing, twisting, and shrinking

Icon Horizontal Spans

Available in long lengths

Camber available for long-span capability

Durable for multiple reuse

Using products that were pioneered by our founders, RedBuilt lifts Industrial applications to a whole new level of service and quality. Backed by our manufacturing technologies and supported by industry-leading technical service and sales support for contractors, engineers and architects, RedBuilt can help you increase productivity, lower costs and work safer.

Prefabricated table forms keep parking garage on time and on budget

“The project schedule and site logistics were a challenge from the start,” says Steve Murray, field operations manager at McClone Construction. “There was not time in the schedule or room on site for us to fabricate the deck tables needed for the parking structure. We needed tables that could be delivered and ready to use immediately, and RedBuilt provided that.”


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