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BIM: A modern approach to building design.

As an innovator in technological efficiency, RedBuilt offers BIM 3D model product downloads.

With BIM, together we’ll eradicate common building issues through collaboration. Architects, engineers and contractors have access to a library of downloadable RedBuilt products to facilitate design effectively and efficiently.

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As the AEC community becomes more and more collaborative, RedBuilt continues to provide powerful insight and tools for all stages of the process, from planning and design through construction.


Our experienced team of designers and technical sales representatives are trained with the ability to break down your plans. Expertly qualified, they can offer solutions to complex snags at any stage. Call your RedBuilt Technical Sales Representative here.

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With product solutions designed and built specifically for your job, RedBuilt provides architectural freedom for commercial and multifamily applications. We provide your project with a curated team of highly trained and technologically advanced representatives, personalized to your needs for stronger solutions.

RedBuilt BIM Object Downloads

To use RedBuilt Revit downloads, you’ll need Revit 2017 at a minimum. Once you add the product to a project, it will automatically update to the current version.

Product downloads are also available from bimobject here.


RedLam™ LVL

RED-H™ Pitched Profile

RED-H™ Tapered Profile

RED-L™ Pitched Profile

RED-L™ Radius Pitched Profile

RED-L™ Tapered Profile

RED-L™ and RED-W™ Parallel Profile

RED-M™ Pitched Profile

RED-M™ Tapered Profile

RED-S™ Pitched Profile

RED-S™ Radius Pitched

RED-S™ Tapered Profile

RED-S™, RED-M™ and RED-H™ Parallel Profile

RED-W™ Pitched Profile

RED-W™ Radius Pitched Profile

RED-W™ Tapered Profile


“RedBuilt delivered on their promise of customer service, and anything a manufacturer can do to get the order right saves me time and money.”

Russ Brotnov, Carpentry Plus, Portland, OR

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