A unit constructed off site is being lowered onto a job site

RedBuilt for Offsite Construction

Precision, sustainability, certainty.

From the Eiffel Tower to modern structures, offsite construction is where technology collides with design, fabrication, pre-planning, building and transporting elements for faster, more precise and high-quality onsite assembly.

At RedBuilt, we’re taking this trend seriously, because as it turns out, offsite construction has been around for centuries. Today’s modern technologies have made this technique highly sought, as it provides limitless benefits.

A modular unit made during offsite construction is lowered onto a site
An offsite construction facility
Overview shot of a crane lowering a unit made during offsite construction
Construction workers checking out something that was made off site
A stack of components in a job site that were made with offsite construction

Offsite Construction

Efficient and Predictable

Reduced Schedule

Safer Working Conditions

Decreased Carbon Emissions and Material Waste

Offsite construction rids project production of inefficiencies. By building in a controlled environment, assembly takes less time and is more accurate. This naturally leads to a safer working environment with statistically fewer accidents.

With decreased carbon emissions and reduced material waste, sustainability becomes an easier reality. Plus, it allows for a reduced construction schedule and more predictable cost planning.

How RedBuilt roof trusses helped support Utah businesses

Read about how RedBuilt roof trusses and structural reveals were used in 106 Exchange, a 60,442 square foot professional office space that now stands in South Jordan, Utah. Through hands-on, knowledgeable customer care, as well as close collaboration, a space was created true to the architects' vision using RedBuilt roof trusses.


Prefabricated table forms keep parking garage on time and on budget

“The project schedule and site logistics were a challenge from the start,” says Steve Murray, field operations manager at McClone Construction. “There was not time in the schedule or room on site for us to fabricate the deck tables needed for the parking structure. We needed tables that could be delivered and ready to use immediately, and RedBuilt provided that.”


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