RedLam™ LVL Beams, Headers and Columns

Exceptionally strong and dimensionally stable.

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RedLam™ LVL Beams
Aerial View of Commercial Building Using LVL Beams

Wall-to-wall stability: RedLam LVL Beams

RedLam LVL beams are crafted for versatility and value. LVL is quick to install and resistant to warping, splitting and shrinking. It’s made to stand the test of time and reduce jobsite waste along the way.

RedLam Laminated Veneer Lumber:

Reduced heavy lifting

Reliable and economical

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Strong and lightweight

Fewer natural inconsistencies

RedLam LVL has structural qualities equal to or greater than equivalent sizes of dimensional lumber and most glulam beams. To produce RedLam Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), sheets of veneer are peeled from logs and carefully dried, ultrasonically graded for strength, and evaluated to ensure uniform thickness and moisture content. The sheets are coated with environmentally friendly, non-toxic and low VOC adhesive, then layered and subjected to heat and pressure to achieve a permanent, sustainable bond.

This process minimizes many of the natural inconsistencies found in wood, like knots, splits, and wane. The result is an engineered wood product that can support heavy loads and can be precision-cut for a variety of applications including wood beams, headers, and Red-I joist flanges.

Our local tech reps work to the final nail to ensure stronger-than-nature LVL fits your structure. Chat with a technical rep.

Why spec RedLam™ LVL Beams, Headers and Columns

RedLam Logo LVL Other Lumber
Hand Crafted
Every order is built in our U.S. facility.
Off The Shelf
Order the dimensions. Get those dimensions. Sometimes.
Precise and Versatile
We customize the right combination of engineered wood products for your job.
Unnecessary Waste
Natural inconsistencies like knots, splits, and wane hurt your bottom line.
In-Market Help
Help from technical reps who specialize in your region and are backed by our experienced technical team.
No In-Market Help
Support is indirect, through sales staff who may have limited product experience.

The bottom line? We lighten your load by helping you reduce errors and time cycles.

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Stronger than nature.

The process of crafting laminated veneer lumber results is an engineered wood product that can support heavy loads and be precision-cut for a variety of applications including wood beams, headers, columns, and Red-I Joist flanges. Discover how RedLam LVL and other RedBuilt products can be combined into a complete structural solution. Reach out to your regional technical representative to get started.

Reduce errors. Shorten cycle time.

Talk LVL with us.

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