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Open-Web Trusses and creative solutions for a warehouse renovation





Hayden Beverage Building Renovation


Boise, ID

How asking the right questions cut a budget in half 

RedBuilt has a national presence, but can still do business on a handshake. When Hayden Beverage Company, Idaho’s largest beer, wine, and premium non-alcoholic beverage distributor, wanted to renovate and expand their building during a global pandemic, they needed input from a trusted partner.  

When the proposed design included the expensive matching of the building’s existing roof framing, Hayden Beverage Company thought there had to be a better way. The answer turned out to be in the history of their building. Hayden Beverage acquired this building in 2016, which was previously RedBuilt’s legacy company headquarters. So when a creative solution was needed, Dodds Hayden, CEO of Hayden Beverage, called his old college friend Kurt Liebich. As RedBuilt’s Chairman of the Board, Kurt and the RedBuilt team began looking at ways to reduce construction costs without compromising the functionality of the building.

The original warehouse had a less common design than today’s wood-framed structures. The construction team at Hansen-Rice originally planned to match the existing framing which resulted in a construction cost that exceeded budget. RedBuilt worked with the project team to find a solution that cut nearly half a million dollars out of the budget.   

By utilizing a beam supported by columns concealed within product shelves, RedBuilt was able to reduce the open-web truss span. The construction team achieved the same goal for half the price. Hayden Beverage added 55,000 square feet to the existing 70,000 feet of warehouse space, nearly doubling the facility’s square footage. 

Outside building view of crane flying in an open web truss

Breaking down the project and asking the right questions allowed RedBuilt and the project team to design a system that was both cost-effective and efficient without compromising building operations. By ensuring the team thoroughly understood the project, RedBuilt was able to create a better outcome for Hayden. 

As supply chain constraints continue to be an issue and material prices continue to rise, it’s more important than ever for customers to understand their own project needs and possibilities. Having a trusted partner like RedBuilt can make that easy, as they work with you and your construction team to create innovative designs and budget focused solutions.

Workers at jobsite looking at plan set

Personal connections create business opportunities

This project was significant to both RedBuilt and Hayden Beverage. It added a business partnership to a long-term friendship for the company leaders.  

Dodds Hayden, a Boise native, convinced Kurt Liebich to move to Boise after college. Since then, the two community leaders have worked together to create a positive impact. They both built successful companies that employ hundreds of people, give back to community organizations and participate in local events connecting with Boise residents. 

Outside view of completed Hayden Beverage building

The ties between RedBuilt and Hayden Beverage run much deeper than this project. “Many RedBuilt and Hayden Beverage employees are friends, family, and have connections that extend past the workday,” said Patrick O’Neill, Regional Manager at RedBuilt.  

Employees from the two companies value the long-standing relationships they’ve made through working together in similar spaces.  

During this project, RedBuilt employees visited their old workplace through a job site visit. Hayley Dunning, the Marketing Communications Coordinator at RedBuilt said employees recalled old memories of working in the building and compared the old spots of their desks during the visit.  

The relationship doesn’t end there since the two companies are now in the process of planning further additions to the warehouse.  

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