AutoCAD Detail Downloads

At RedBuilt™, our goal is to assist architects and engineers during the architectural design and engineering process. We provide complete specification assistance and best system analysis services for all RedBuilt™ engineered wood products. In an effort to assist with the detailing of our products, we make available for download Revit families and AutoCAD details for our products.

Top Chord Bearing (No-Notch Clip) (OW-42)

Bottom Chord Bearing (T-Clip)

Top Chord Bearing (P-Clip)

Top Chord Bearing (Z-Clip)

Red-M™ Truss Bottom Chord Bearing (Angle Clip)

Red-M™ Truss Top Chord Bearing (S-Clip)

Double 2x Outrigger (OW-36)

Top Chord Extension

Bottom Chord Bearing Cantilever

Top Chord Bearing Cantilever

Truss Bearing on Ledger (S-Clip)

Bottom Chord Bearing with Cross Bracing (Angle Clip)