scaffold planks surround a large building in the middle of construction

RedPlank™ Scaffold Plank

More confidence for a fearless build.

When you have a scaffold plank you can rely on, the sky’s the limit. And RedPlank Scaffold Planks not only stand up to stress, heavy loads and wear from numerous assembly and dismantle cycles, but they withstand rain, snow, even hot and cold weather. Manufactured to be safe and reliable with predictable performance, our scaffold plank is undoubtedly your solution:

  • Safe—proof-load tested at our plants to ensure compliance with RedBuilt™ quality standards and OSHA deflection limits.
  • Reliable—made from multiple layers of thin veneer to minimize the natural inconsistencies in wood, like knots.
  • Predictable—consistent elasticity and predictable deflection in every piece makes each step feel as stable as the last.
A structure is being build with scaffold planks all around it
A construction site next to a street with rows of scaffolds and planks by a building

RedPlank Scaffold Plank: high and mighty.

All RedPlank LVL Scaffold Planks are manufactured to the following design properties, and are proof-tested at the manufacturing plant to verify that they meet or exceed these properties at the time of manufacture:

Modulus of Elasticity (E): 2,200,000 psi

Flexural Stress (Fb): 2900 psi

Horizontal Shear Stress (Fv): 145 psi


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LEGAL: These design properties have been determined in accordance with ANSI A10.8-2001 Appendix C. They are applicable for planks that are in new or like-new condition, used in a dry-use service environment (Moisture content < 19%) and are loaded in the plank orientation (flat-use). For wet-use service (Moisture content between 19% and 30%), adjust all design values by 0.80.

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