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What’s the difference? Pin vs Plated Trusses

What’s the difference? Pin vs. Plated Trusses

As architects and engineers, our customers rely upon us to provide thoughtful, educated and substantiated recommendations for their structural design. We all have our specialties, yet we need to be experts on all design details – one of which is the roof trusses for light commercial construction.

Never fear, RedBuilt is here to help you better understand the differences in pin vs. metal-plated trusses. Check out the white paper “Pin vs Plated Trusses: The Devil is in the Details” by RedBuilt’s own Wilson Antoniuk to learn more about the differences in these two building options.

Building modeled using BIM

Digital Transformation – Revit – Voyansi

RedBuilt and Voyansi partnered together to create a story of digital transformation.

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The Growth and Adoption of Off-Site Construction

Big-name brands have made significant investments in this building method, saving time and resources.

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White Paper: Strut Bracing

Next time you see bundles of what looks like truss webs delivered with your RedBuilt™ open-web trusses, make sure your contractor understands the purpose and installs them—strut bracing is there for their safety.

School cafeteria with open web truss ceiling

Floor Vibration: An Everyday Thing

Our floor at home is designed for a live load of 40 pounds per square foot. I’ve never actually seen 40 pounds on each square foot of it, not all at once. None of us do. On my floor there’s just a scattering of chairs and tables and two useless cats.