AutoCAD Detail Downloads

At RedBuilt™, our goal is to assist architects and engineers during the architectural design and engineering process. We provide complete specification assistance and best system analysis services for all RedBuilt™ engineered wood products. In an effort to assist with the detailing of our products, we make available for download Revit families and AutoCAD details for our products.

55 – Bottom Chord Bearing

Non-Bearing Partitions

Loads on Cantilever

Side-Loaded Double Truss Assembly

Bottom Chord Bearing Cantilever (T-Clip)

Top Chord Bearing Cantilever (Z-Clip)

Top Chord Bearing (Flush-Mount Bearing Clip) (OW-46)

Top Chord Bearing with Butting Trusses (Z-Clip)

Typical Top Chord Extension (P-Clip)